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Cross Country and Then Some Bike Trip Page

Trip Photos


So many sites, so little time.  Check out some of my trip photos.  This section is being constantly updated, so please visit often!

Looking for a place to ride?  See my accounts of some local trails I have been on.

Trip Planning


Looking to go on a bike trip?  From bike advice down to what to bring for your trip.  This page has all of the  information that you should need.

Serious about fitness? Just looking to get started?  Maybe this page can help you out.



An assortment of links geared towards bicycle, outdoor, fitness, and travel enthusiasts!

Bike trails to health tips; many easy to access links available.

About Me

Contact Me

Learn a little more about me.  Who I am, some general interests, and any other tidbits I may come up with! Have a Question?  Want to drop me a line.  Get the info you need to get in touch.

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